Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Augmented Reality

Two interesting augmented reality videos came to my attention tonight. The first, via this post on O'Reilly Radar, is a first-person shooter created by the Georgia Tech Augmented Environments Lab:

The second is Layar, an Android application from the Netherlands that overlays useful digital information over a real-time video from the phone's camera:

Imagine a shopping experience that show furniture designs as they would look in your own home. Or advertisements that render a three-dimensional view of a product when viewed "through" a mobile device. There's lots of potential for abuse, but as these composite interactions becomes more popular I expect we'll see some really interesting innovations.

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  1. After reading this blog, I came across an interesting article called "Recent Advances in Augmented Reality" (http://www.cs.unc.edu/~azuma/cga2001.pdf). The article talks about new developments in enabling technologies. Enabling technologies are advances in basic technologies needed to build compelling Augmented Reality (AR) environments. The article starts out by talking bout the advances in the displays used to view the merged virtual and real environments. Some of the displays discussed include Head-worn displays (HWD), Handheld displays, and Projection displays. The article continues and talks about the latest advances in tracking and environment sensing. The environment sensing system Kanade's 3D dome provides effective knowledge of the user's location and the position of all the other objects of interest in the environment. The article also discusses advances in Mediated reality, Photorealistic rendering, Collaborative AR applications, Commercial AR applications, and some of limitations in each of the areas of AR.


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