Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bear as user, part 2

Some of you might remember the popular videos a while back of a bear user-testing a bear-proof trash can. Janea Triplett highlighted the story here.

Now a most-popular NYTimes article is related: designing the food canister that a bean can't open. It's almost anti-user design: know your user so well you make the product unusable to it. Or perhaps it's just an example of multiple stakeholders: bears and campers.

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  1. Is there some time of special mechanism or thought process required to open the can? Otherwise, this may be a good a example of not focusing on the user. Reminds me of child-proofing...create a design that prevents those from using the product that are not the intended users. So then, you have to focus on the user and the non-user. Complicated!


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