Sunday, August 9, 2009

Emergence of Interaction Design (section 2.2)

Since the first few weeks of HCI 596, I have been challenged. I have stated before that the readings/teachings in this class has challenged a lot of what I have been taught in my world of engineering. So I have been searching to find a meeting place between the two - HCI and Engineering. How can I apply this to systems engineering or Electrical engineering? If I can't, why not? I can not say that I have found the answers, but I did find a few interesting readings. One in particular I will attach to this blog. See section 2.2

The article talks about the emerging area of interaction design. Now I am still trying to wrap my fingers around service design; now interaction design. Simply put, the author describes it as a shift from seeing the machinery to seeing the people using it. This sound a lot like service design; is it the same thing? Or is service design one sector of interaction deisgn? Wikipedia describes service as the non-material equivalent of a good. Interaction is a kind of action that occurs as two or more objects have an effect on one another. I guess from the definition one can have service interaction design. Seeing the people using the service instead of the service itself..make sense? So if I am an engineer designing a vehicle display, I am designing based on the user that will be viewing the display and not the technology. Help me here? What are your thoughts?

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