Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Javascript UI Libraries - Bridging the Gap Between UX Designers and Web Developers

I decided to finish my blog posts with the same topic that I started with - the gaps between the developers and designers. Responses to my first post were interesting and insightful.

Again, I remember people talking about developers shooting down their UX ideas because they simply don't think it is possible given the time-constraints. Javascript UI libraries are rapidly evolving into the role of saviors for both UX designers and developers. There are several javascript libraries out there that makes the job of manipulating a web-page's objects within it's Document Object Model very easy. In addition many common widgets that are used most frequently while designing websites are now emulated by simple to use Javascript libraries. Examples of these commonly used widgets are - Accordions, Drop Down Menus, Dialog Boxes, Minimizable boxes etc,.

Following are a few of the many Javascript UI libraries that make the use of these widgets as easy as a couple of lines of code.

Knowledge of the features of these libraries would strengthen your case when a software developer shoots down your proposal stating 'lack of time' as a reason. Software developers in turn can turn themselves into amazing UX developers without much effort if they are familiar with these wonderful tools. Adding new UX features to their repertoire everyday, these libraries are bridging the gap between designers and developers.

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