Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Login Designs - New Problems

I posted something a few weeks about about bad design and noted the issues with single sign-on or the lack thereof.

Recently I came across this post which looks at an emerging issue with a user's ability to login using authentication via an entirely different service, such as Facebook.

This is a login option I don't tend to use - I prefer to keep everything separate - but I thought these stats were interesting, noting how often folks end up with multiple accounts and still can't remember their login:

"User Interface Engineering's analysis of a major online retailer found that 45% of all customers had multiple registrations in the system, 160,000 people requested passwords per day, and 75% of these people never completed the purchase they started once they requested their password. Ouch."

The folks at bagcheck illustrate an approach they're trying in order to help make this type of login easier for the end-user. I like that they show they're process and how it evolves.

What does strike me as odd is that you can see all these other user names when you search for your own... that seems worrisome.

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  1. Its kind of disingenuous for companies to ask for you to log in with your social network accounts. I think it benefits the company because once you use your facebook to log in to something they have access to all your friends and contacts. They should tell people that up front.


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