Monday, August 8, 2011

This stuff really matters...

....but it only matters insofar as most software is devoid of decent error messaging. It doesn't have to go to quite such a cutre extreme as this example from Apple, but consider that often the most direct communication you make to your users comes in the form of error messages.

At work, people have learned to not glibly state in front of me: "Just post a big red error message when that happens. Maybe throw in an exclamation mark, a big red X, or heck, why not a skull and cross-bones?" But that is the common approach:  use this moment of one-to-one messaging to bolster a class/power division between you and your users:  in effect, slap them down and show them who's boss.

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  1. We must be channeling the same dislike of obnoxious design. You with your point on good error messages and me with manners. Ha! I know I would prefer an error message with a happy cloud and cookies over a stupid caution symbol any day!


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