Monday, August 1, 2011

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Hits

The saying is true and Stew Langille, former VP of marketing at Mint, is out to prove it with his new startup will attempt to build a community, market and tools for infographics. Later this year, plans to release Web-based “prosumer” tools for editorial, marketing, student and other users to create their own shiny infographics.

According to Langille, some of the most successful posts on's site, that garnered the site its user base, were the posts including infographics. These posts would receive 30 to 40 times the page views of non-infographic posts. hopes to make creating attractive infographics from user data easy--particularly easier than creating them with non-data driven programs like Adobe Photoshop. These designs can then be tweeked and shared as desired.

It is an interesting idea and I'm looking forward to trying it out. Making attractively designed infographics in Illustrator or Photoshop is not always ideal. I'm curious to see how they'll create different themes or styles so all the infographics do not begin to seem the same. A few of my favorites shown so far are True Colors: Color Preferences By Gender, Mars Missions and The Evolution of the Geek.

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  1. If "" can truely make creating attractive infographics from user data easier as you say--then there will be a lot of tweeking going on indeed because many will enjoy to share this!! Great thing to look forward to. Thanks!


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