Sunday, July 3, 2011

4ourth mobile design pattern wiki

Smashing Magazine posted a link to 4ourth mobile design pattern wiki today that I thought might be useful for other folks working on projects that incorporate mobile interaction.

It covers the wrapper, information display, labels, interactive controls and a lot more.

Here's a snippet from one of the early sections, "What is a Pattern?":

Patterns are simply well-defined, well-researched best practices, but fundamental principles of design must be followed always, the user must always be kept in mind, and the purpose of the design must always be considered.

In mobile interactive design, we might summarize these core principles as "user centered design," context, and other principles. A set of more specific ones are detailed at the end of this section. These core principles are always considered, the proper pattern for the situation is determined, and the correct application is created from the user's needs, their context, and by integrating the solution into the whole system.

The patterns in this book attempt to follow this philosophy. Not only are they intended to be a point of departure, but they explicitly state what conditions are required, which are optional, when to simply follow adjacent or superordinate standards, and the key pitfalls if the edges are exceeded.


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  2. Hi...

    Mobile Design Patterns is a Collection of Useful and Robust Patterns, that seeks to help Developers creating Applications for Mobile Devices. These Patterns are not tied to any Platform, Technology or Mobile Device.

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