Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Global companies must harness cloud-based services

The url below is at a large IT conference and highlights the partnership and ideas of Oracle and more specifically InfoSys.

'Look beyond the cloud'
Global companies must harness cloud-based services and platforms, and capitalize on solutions based on multi-tenancy and non-linear payment models to accelerate innovation.

'Invest in the future'
Companies must serve the digital generation by focusing on mobile technologies in diverse areas such as e-Commerce and healthcare. They can enable better collaboration across the enterprise through social media and pervasive computing.

This is very much worth the listen. Particulary notice the presentation on "iEngage" which is one of the infosys platform products. iEngage goes beyond creating facilitation of information transfer and becomes an interactive engagement platform. In the presentation it refers to consumers. Companies must understand the power is at the consumer (users) level and need to understand the consumers demand.


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  2. The Smart Power Strip or iSmart outlet is an interesting idea. I need something like that in my office, so that I can have full control over my environment.


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