Monday, July 11, 2011

Potential to improve some user experiences Using HTML 5

Apple's iphone and ipad doesnot support the flash and silverlight, which is a big draw back for users as well as from user experience angle. In Such cases HTML 5 is alternate for creating RIA.

HTML 5 has potential to improve the improve some user experiences, it comes with its own set of implementation challenges that can outweigh its benefits. UED professionals should look to HTML 5 as a means to improve accessibility, design apps for Apple devices, and build text-heavy sites.

Using HTML 5 we can improve the experiences in some of the places like

  • Experiences for people with disabilities
  • Apps that are solely intended for Apple devices
  • Producing text-heavy sites that require text resizing
Some of the Best features about HTML 5 which can be considered while building best User experience Design
  • Movable content : The user can easily drag and drop any web content making the user interface very easy
  • Quick access to videos and audios : As there is no need of flash plug-ins , so the site will load very quickly by using less lines of codes

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