Friday, July 1, 2011

“Reactable Live”

Music is a strong application in all things HCI. In HCI we try to make the user’s life better, safer, and etc…by designing and developing ways to program positive experiences. I chose to blog about the power of music because it can be very instrumental in cognitively programming one to perform a desired behavior like to get out of the way when you hear a siren and to increase our ability to memorize information. Play is also just as instrumental because project-based learning approaches help give the users the ability to actively solve problems tangibly.

Recently, I watched a demonstration of “Reactable Live” that is primarily being marketed to the music industry. However, once I saw this demonstration it became very apparent to me how this technology could be modified as a dynamic learning-programming tool. I thought about how when we hear a siren we cognitively know it is not noise but information. Then I also thought about the possibilities when connecting music/sound and play to program a person cognitively to retain more information for longer periods of time. I can still remember the lyrics of music that I have not heard in years only if I can get the music to flow right in my head, and then the lyrics just come to me as if I just heard the song recently.

Here is the link and I hope you all enjoy it.

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  1. As a guitar player myself I totally agree with your statement. The sound of music IS information, even if it is a few tones. When I hear a siren I automatically say a prayer for the hurt people because of the info that "tune" just gave me. When certain music comes into my head I suddenly remember complete lyrics from Kindergarten. Memorizing songs in a different language is also one of the BEST ways to learn that language since you pick and choose out of your repertoire-vocabulary to create new sentences. It worked for me!!


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