Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blueprint +

First where credit is due, thanks Ryan for this link:http://www.servicedesigntools.org/tools/35

This is a great site with several articles on different kinds of blueprints. The one that struck me most was the Blueprints +. It is the first case study on the page.
This article talks about service blueprints with added features. The article refers to these as "Blueprints +". What it is is basically it's a traditional blueprint but has additional information such as emotional and motivational sides. Blueprints + has more layers of information that color coded to displays emotional states. Added graphic elements allow for more readability and makes it easy to understand the overall situation. Such blue prints allow for quick analyzation of not only the physical flow but the emotional state as well. This can then be translated into more satisfying experiences for the customers.


  1. Kanchan, thank you for sharing this! I too really enjoy the Blueprint +. The addition of the media/interaction types and the Fail and Emotion Lines awesome. The Fail and Emotion Lines would be great for analyzing the design of your service and pinpointing possible service failure points or weaknesses from the customer or employee perspective. I'd be interested to know how failures and the emotion are measured wrt time.

    I wish I had seen this before I completed my service blueprint!

  2. I am glad you found it useful. Well now you can improvise the sevice blueprint if you want;)


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