Thursday, June 9, 2011

Paper-in-Screen Prototyping

I have been reading a lot of UX Magazine lately, since its RSS feed popped up on my Flipboard app. [ASIDE: For those of you with an iPad, I recommend Flipboard for reading your favorite feeds and social media(s) –]. A few months ago I came across this article about paper-in-screen prototyping –

The beginning of the article (intro and Lo-Fi Prototyping) covers a lot of what we have been going over in class for the past few weeks, but the bulk of the article is very interesting for those about to start mobile testing (anyone in class about to start Project No. 2).

One suggestion I would make to the article is, when doing your paper sketches, sketch within the bounds of the mobile device you are testing on. This will save you the headache of resizing and/or getting them to fit without stretching or squishing after scanning them. Since they will already fit to the correct dimensions of the device, just crop and sync.

Here is a brilliant and inexpensive gift for the iPhone 4 UX designer you love -

Or this free downloadable, watermarked wireframe version of the iPhone 4 -

Although, if you have any Adobe CS products you can easily make your own sketch templates. The iPhone 4 has a resolution of 640px x 960px (wikipedia), the iPad2 has a resolution of 1024px x 768px (wikipedia). You are on your own to search for whatever specific Android, BlackBerry or Windows mobile device resolution you want to design for.

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    I took a graduate HCI course a few years ago and find that it is a fascinating, ever-evolving field. I'm enjoying this blog - thanks!

    I blog about HCI related topics on my Interactive Multimedia Technology blog. I have a number of posts that might be useful to HCI students. I try to include links and references to "scholarly" articles when I can.

    I also have links to HCI-related photos and videos - many are of my own and are free to share, just as long as you state the source. I you do a search on the blog, you might find something useful.


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