Tuesday, June 21, 2011

“The Promise of Flexible Displays”

One of the new technologies that have already come out has been very impressive to me has almost infinite uses; especially, in HCI. The flexible display is light and dynamic enough to be used with keyboards with auto-changing layouts, low-power shelf tags and point-of-sale ads, and display windows on credit-card-size smart cards. But designers are also rethinking product design around these new screens possibilities. Carl Taussig, director of Advanced Display Research at Hewlett-Packard, notes the Dutch company Polymer Vision has demonstrated a cell phone with a roll-out display, and suggests other possible form factors. “You might have a display that you keep folded up like a piece of paper, “ Taussig says. “You might open it halfway and use it that way, or you might open it all the way. You might have it partitioned with a keyboard on one part and a screen on the other (Communications of the ACM, 2011). These new possibilities can help promote limitless innovation in future product design and safety.

Communications of the ACM. (2011). “The Promise of Flexible Displays”, 2011.

06/2011 Vol. 54 No. 6 pp(s): 16-18.

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