Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Detailed UX Article

I recently happened upon this article at Smashing Magazine, What Is User Experience Design? Overview, Tools And Resources. The article is a cornucopia of overviews for different aspects of UX. What I really found valuable is what the article suggests as "situations (that) would benefit from UX design". Complex systems, Start-ups, Projects with "OK" budgets and Projects with longer timeframes are the four that they list. Personally, I think that all "new" projects should be consider user experience. Budgets may not be able to afford a single UX person for the project, but as the article suggests about start-ups like 37Signals, everyone working in the field should be "well-rounded" - meaning being familiar with UX concepts and practices AND performing other project creation-related duties. This means that, being a 'Jack of all Trades' is once again a necessity.

The other section I found useful was "Criticisms of UX as a Profession". With a variety of arguments that companies might have about hiring a UX professional, this gives us, as those UX professionals, a chance to define why we are useful. When you have your argument planned out, you will be more prepared when confronted with opposition.

The article rounds out with a very long list of UX resources – UX Magazine, UX Booth, etc. I glanced at some of what is listed - most seem to be good resources, but so many seem to be lacking in tasteful graphics (I'm looking at you!).

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