Thursday, June 23, 2011

How Great Leaders Inspire Action

I wanted to post another quick resources that I found inspiring.

One of the things I have found exceptionally important in the business world, especially as of late, is the need to communicate effectively. It can literally make or break the content you have to share. I have found over and over that it doesn't matter what you have to say, how amazing it might be, if you cannot connect with your audience.

I am constantly looking for ways to simplify and improve the way I present information, findings, and concepts to business leaders and stakeholders within our organization.

And that's why I wanted to post this link. Simon Sinek is speaking at a TEDx event and shares his thoughts on why some people are good at inspiring people and rallying them around their beliefs, and why some others are not - even when they may all be great speakers.

Give it a watch if you can. It will be worth the time invested.

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