Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Project Cartoon - Warning, This Might Be Old News.

I just came across this link ( when searching for a past xkcd web comic about User Experience (this one). The xkcd comic is for anyone who is using the HCI website redesign concept as one of their projects – it makes a really good point about what users are looking for on a university site. The title tag (on mouse hover) is also pretty funny.

Now to the Project Cartoon link I found - I think that Project Cartoon does a great job of visually describing everything that we are trying to say in class about the "process" and how we are all working to change it.

The site was launched in 2006 based on an original comic strip that the artist (Justin Hourigan - info from whois database) created. The Create page on the website adds functionality for users to create their own version of the "process" - You can view what other have composed (in several different languages) under the Gallery page. NOTE: There are panels that people have submitted or suggested to the site owner in the Gallery links that are not in the first link in this post.

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