Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Power and Framing

Through listening to the lectures and participating in reading the chat comments during class, I have learned so much about the day to day field of HCI. John M. Carroll's quote about crossing boundaries in interaction design is like the field of HCI. It is so cross-disciplined that it defies categorization.

Turf Wars
I wonder what discipline can emerge from the future battles over ownership of the field. Maybe HCI is as complex as the human experience thus each discipline encompasses a core fundamental function of the brain. Hopefully there will be a discourse among the leaders in the field in order to identify core concepts that will be shared.

I wonder where is the visual and experiential designers role in all of this. As an industrial design I did interaction design when I designed web sites or designed a first class airline seat for an airline. It was called human factors when I was an undergrad and usability as an MFA candidate. Who will speak up for the designers in this process?

I wonder if the success of applications such as Azure is a result of creating access for other disciplines to have a ramp into this field.

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